Jerome Sydenham -The Visitation EP [DC62]




Jerome Sydenham is one of the hottest tickets in the world of techno music right now. Capable of delivering industrial-edged thumpers and deep Detroit moments, Jerome is a master of soulful, sexy techno; bringing undeniable warmth to an often emotionally cold genre. This EP for Drumcode exemplifies Sydenhams talent with four outstanding tracks that will provide the killer ammunition to many sets. Built on a swinging groove made up of equal measures of punch and funk, The Visitation is a subtly constructed arrangement that juggles the constituent parts just enough to give an unpredictability that enhances its addictive charms. Just try not to be drawn in by the harmonic stabs as they echo and bounce off each other to create an eerie late night / early morning atmosphere that treads the line between devilish and playful. The Cowboy is a total bomb of a record. Menacingly dark with razor sharp beats that mark time with an ominous tension; made all the more edgy by a shrill vocal chant that echoes about like a alarm calling people to attention. This is a powerful and inventive uber-tool that is perfect for setting up the next big mix or to use to hold the crowd the moment to whip up the dancefloor frenzy. The second half of the EP is where Sydenham unleashes all-out techno fury with two rampaging and abrasive cuts. Rump is a monster. Combining a huge kick with ear-splitting hats to create a harsh groove hits like a blow to the chest while the rasping low-end bassline crackles and buzzes under epic swathes of white noise and spacey echoes. The Scavenger ups the tempo with a pounding beat and nagging stab-line that will get the heart racing. Relentlessly driving but with a musical edge this is a track that has the wherewithal to keep a lid on the energy and tension but knows its got more than enough power to make a the jaw-dropping impact on the floor. Tags: , , , , ,

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